domingo, septiembre 28, 2008


This evening I had a little question, It could be possible to go the beach by walking??? Let's try!!!

We went to the next county Keyport (beach), It took us 1 hour and 3 minutes to arrive there, so we spent 2 hours and 6 minutes walking. I took some photos, and now I know that in that place we stgayed there's a farmers market every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. (I hope to find some fresh fruits)

Going there I look some "paisanos" (some walking, some working in a restaurant near the bech and a couple arriving to a little house in a truck)

The curios is that people is very nice here (but only adults in 50's or older). In Keyport we stopped (Ismael and I) to eat something, I ate a Sub (is like a baguette), but large (imagine I bought the little) and includes a soup made of some vegetables, bacon, beans (alubias) and pasta. I only could taste them, because I'll keep them for tomorrow's lunch and (I hope) for the day after tomorrows lunch too.

When we went back to home we passed to a Mexican store, and I bought a couple of red tomatoes and 2 serranos chillies, 1 beans can (La Costeña) and another Spaguetti (La Moderna), I think for the moment I'm fine in what in food respects.

The Mexican store's guy told us, he may go with us to buy some clothes for winter on Wednesday at noon, because this weather will be very cold in some weeks (I'll have to make the sacrifice and spent some money to buy just a few winter clothes)

By the way, I'll put the garbage on the curb because tomorrow garbage will be collected.

See you later :)

Bowling night

Some minutes ago (20 approximately) and three tacos made with vinegar chillies and beans (because I need something to dinner :P) and 1.5 liters of water (because I had a little of thirst), we arrived from AMF Strathmore Lanes (It was bowling a night)

It wasn't not so bad to be the first time I play bowling.

No manches!!!, to arrive there it took us 45 minutes walking from house and 45 minutes to go back home (now you know why I said No Manches!!! Can you imagine walking in the middle of night for 1 hour and a half?)

The cost it wasn't not very expensive, we paid $31.°° for two games and 2 pairs of shoes.

It was fun!!! Now I'll see a little bit of TV (Woow in the telly is Desmadrugados, we're watching Univisión) and after that I'll go to the bed.

viernes, septiembre 26, 2008

Primer dia en NJ II

I met other guys, [6 mexicans (Cuauhtemoc, Olimpo, Adrian, Virgilio, Ismael), 1 from Philipines (Jerry), another from Ecuador and one girl from Myanmar (Myet)]

They're very polite and funny.

After signing a bounch of documents related to different things, lunch time arrived, is really interesting to hear that life here is not as easy as I thought, because, fruits are expensive.

You should look for offers and of course soda is really expensive (4 USD per an medium litter Sprite)

This is the first and last time I drink a soda paid for me.

Primer dia en NJ

The neighborhood it looks great, it's like Desperate housewives' neighborhood, Matawan looks very quiet place (well, the street is very cute and calm)

My night was ok, the problem was that i could hear the ships arriving to the port, and I remembered to heard some train noises.

Well, somebody come for us (Xcel sends daily a taxi for us to go to the office).

I'll see you in a few hours.

Salida a NJ

I think that I'll start writing in english for practicing purposes.

The main problem wans't mexican airport (vientos!!!) Now the problem was in Inmigration in Newark's airport.
I was waiting to pass for 1 hour and 50 minutes, everything to only put my index fingers and check my documents (I was right gatito, there wasn't any problem with my two passports).

It remebered me the long lines in mexican banks.

When I and Ismael (we traveled together, he'll be working for Xcel too) took the taxi the taxi driver didn't know how to arrive to my address [I told him the address but he dind't know :( ]
But he discovered how to arrive, and finally, 40 minutes after I arrived.

The good part was that there was somebody in the house waiting for us [well not exactly waiting because he dind't have any idea about us, but this guy (Jay Sebastian) was very polite because he showed us our respective rooms]

It feels different to be in a foreign country for more than a week (knowing you'll be living here)

Well I'm going to call my wife to tell her everything is ok, and after I'll go to bed.

See you tomorrow!!!

viernes, septiembre 19, 2008

Videos de la boda

Por fin ya pude subir los videos de la boda al YouTube :)

Ahh por cierto, ya por fin tengo itinerario de viaje, al fin me juyo a los Unites, el jueves le llego por la tarde. No manchen esto está cañón, va a ser una experiencia padre, sólo me queda echarle muchas ganas.