domingo, septiembre 28, 2008


This evening I had a little question, It could be possible to go the beach by walking??? Let's try!!!

We went to the next county Keyport (beach), It took us 1 hour and 3 minutes to arrive there, so we spent 2 hours and 6 minutes walking. I took some photos, and now I know that in that place we stgayed there's a farmers market every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. (I hope to find some fresh fruits)

Going there I look some "paisanos" (some walking, some working in a restaurant near the bech and a couple arriving to a little house in a truck)

The curios is that people is very nice here (but only adults in 50's or older). In Keyport we stopped (Ismael and I) to eat something, I ate a Sub (is like a baguette), but large (imagine I bought the little) and includes a soup made of some vegetables, bacon, beans (alubias) and pasta. I only could taste them, because I'll keep them for tomorrow's lunch and (I hope) for the day after tomorrows lunch too.

When we went back to home we passed to a Mexican store, and I bought a couple of red tomatoes and 2 serranos chillies, 1 beans can (La Costeña) and another Spaguetti (La Moderna), I think for the moment I'm fine in what in food respects.

The Mexican store's guy told us, he may go with us to buy some clothes for winter on Wednesday at noon, because this weather will be very cold in some weeks (I'll have to make the sacrifice and spent some money to buy just a few winter clothes)

By the way, I'll put the garbage on the curb because tomorrow garbage will be collected.

See you later :)

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