martes, octubre 26, 2010

Samsung Moment GPS Fix for Android

So the Samsung Moment seems to have some issues now and then with GPS not working properly. I’ve had it, not because of ROM issues as it happened with stock Sprint ROM. More then likely if you’re reading this, you’ve had it as well.

What are the symptoms?

Your GPS won’t activate, Temporarily unable to make a connection, losses connection or track of your position as soon as you start moving, unable to lock on to a GPS satellite.

Here are a couple steps you can take to hopefully remedy this issue before you go to Sprint and demand a replacement phone.

Method #1:

1. Go to Menu< Settings 2. Uncheck both Use wireless networks and Use GPS satelites Boxes
3. Reboot the phone
4. Goto your dialer press *#1472365#
A pop up window will appear asking to turn on GPS. Turn it on.
5. Click the setup button
6. Click Position Mode
7. Click Operating Mode
8. Set to MSAssisted. It seems that Sprint added the options for aGps but by default it is off.
9. click back arrow once
10. Click Starting Mode
11. Set to Cold
12. Click Back arrow 4 times
Reboot the phone

Method #2:

From your phone screen type in ##GPSCLRX# and enter your MSL(directions for getting your MLS HERE). Press the button that comes up. The screen will just go black after you press it, and there is no notification that it worked. After this, GPS should be working flawlessly again. However, this causes a bootloop the next time the phone is loaded up. I simply did a factory wipe from recovery and the phone booted fine after that, and the GPS was still working.

If this doesn’t work, I suggest hopping up and down 3 times, clap your hands twice and shout “ABRACADABRA!” very loudly once. If this doesn’t work, seek help… from Sprint.

martes, octubre 12, 2010

Termino la guerra contra el Narco

La marina atrapa al capo mas buscado del pais;
Los cargos son: cohecho, enriquecimiento ilicito, brindar proteccion al crimen organizado, autor intelectual en el asesinato de mas de 30 mil personas, complicidad y encubrimiento de los responsables de la muerte de 31 menores en una guarderia del IMSS, revivir el delito de disolucion social, etc., etc.
(sera condenado sin derecho a libertad bajo fianza???)

Ooops! Creo que se excedieron con los cargos. Noooo que, se quedaron cortos tal vez:P

Ahora solo falta(n) el(los) Autor(es) Intelectual(es)!!!