viernes, noviembre 28, 2008

Black Friday

One of the thing that I learned today was this: the day after thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, is when starts Christmas season, so this is the best moment to start buying gifts, because there are offers here, there, whenever.

The only problem is the majority of stores open very early, for example, I went to Wal-Mart in Manville, and I arrived at 4:45am, by when i arrived, there before me more than 200 people :O

Fortunately, I could buy what I was expecting to buy, that is because I didn't have a very big budget :( and I only bought a LCD Samsung 32", a Microwave and a 10 Pc Set TFal, at least it was a good deal, no matter I did not buy other things, but for next year, history will be different.

This day is fun, because in other stores like Circuit City or Best Buy, some people stay on the line since yesterday.

domingo, noviembre 16, 2008

Arroz pasmado!!!

Well, my mother in law has said uncountable times that adjective about rice.

But today, I know what it means :P

I was cooking white rice when finally could discovered it.

Only you need to add some cold water, and after that, rice will get a hard texture, at least it tastes good.

Now, is lunch time and I'll have some "Arroz pasmado" :D