viernes, septiembre 26, 2008

Salida a NJ

I think that I'll start writing in english for practicing purposes.

The main problem wans't mexican airport (vientos!!!) Now the problem was in Inmigration in Newark's airport.
I was waiting to pass for 1 hour and 50 minutes, everything to only put my index fingers and check my documents (I was right gatito, there wasn't any problem with my two passports).

It remebered me the long lines in mexican banks.

When I and Ismael (we traveled together, he'll be working for Xcel too) took the taxi the taxi driver didn't know how to arrive to my address [I told him the address but he dind't know :( ]
But he discovered how to arrive, and finally, 40 minutes after I arrived.

The good part was that there was somebody in the house waiting for us [well not exactly waiting because he dind't have any idea about us, but this guy (Jay Sebastian) was very polite because he showed us our respective rooms]

It feels different to be in a foreign country for more than a week (knowing you'll be living here)

Well I'm going to call my wife to tell her everything is ok, and after I'll go to bed.

See you tomorrow!!!

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