domingo, septiembre 28, 2008

Bowling night

Some minutes ago (20 approximately) and three tacos made with vinegar chillies and beans (because I need something to dinner :P) and 1.5 liters of water (because I had a little of thirst), we arrived from AMF Strathmore Lanes (It was bowling a night)

It wasn't not so bad to be the first time I play bowling.

No manches!!!, to arrive there it took us 45 minutes walking from house and 45 minutes to go back home (now you know why I said No Manches!!! Can you imagine walking in the middle of night for 1 hour and a half?)

The cost it wasn't not very expensive, we paid $31.°° for two games and 2 pairs of shoes.

It was fun!!! Now I'll see a little bit of TV (Woow in the telly is Desmadrugados, we're watching Univisión) and after that I'll go to the bed.

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