jueves, diciembre 25, 2008

First Christmas outside US

It is amazing how time past as fast as we don´t notice it. Can you beleive it? I´m here passing my first Christmas in a completely different country! I´m happy because is a good experience, that´s why we (Gaby & Me) are starting from zero, like should be.

But in a better place to live and raise a family. I´m not saying that MX is a bad place, but always I wanted to live in a better place (I always thought, Is there something better outside?, and yes there is), to grow up in a different environment, away from stress, pollution & recurrent economical crisis.

This is great!!! Thanks to all for your good wishes.

Merry Christmas to everybody!!!

I was forgetting something...
We had a delicious Christmas eve dinner!!! It was awesome!!! Thanks Gaby! Ich liebe Dich!

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