domingo, mayo 03, 2009

May Enterprise Release

This is my first enterprise release on VZW.

It started at 1:00am (now Sunday) - Because I had to stay at Release Night Support, I tested all my webservices & sub services that I did, and fortunately everything looks good on Production.

But what difficult has to develop a webservice?
Actually is not a big deal, but the big issue is to make a Webservice without database :D, in other words my backend is a Legacy System (pure Cobol), yep, not a DB.

That inche Cobol is very powerful, and by the way it help us to reuse the most of the already developed business logic.

Anyway, this is not a tutorial, I can talk about this crap later or if somebody ask me how I solve it.

There was one issue, but it wasn't my fault, something wrong on backend, but you know me, I'm a cute & proactive boy :P

It has been a very good experience, everything was smooth, with very few issues, not very important things.

The best part was the breakfast :P

Well, I think has been a long night, I'm almost done, because I have to wait until I got the sign off, meanwhile I'll continue watching movies :)

See you later aligator!!!

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